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Mobility Scooter Safety – in the news

Once again mobility scooters (motorised mobility devices or MMD) are in the news, but this time with some less sensational discussion/claims. Blue Badge did a survey of users – quite a detailed one – and they’ve put the findings out to the press. ABC have taken it up, and I spoke with the Sunshine Coast Daily this afternoon.

Hopefully they’ll put the actual findings on their Blue Badge Community (or even their main) website soon.

A new player in AT Insurance & Information

BlueBadge Insurance launched over the weekend as a new entrant in Australia with a focus on people who use assistive technology.  Too often getting reasonable coverage that protects users of AT – particularly mobility devices – has been a real challenge so hopefully BBI will help provide some competition (or even just an option!) in that space.

I’ve received some funds from BBI to do some evaluations of mobility devices (a bit like the Choice reviews) and those are hosted on the companion site – Blue Badge Community. Mal Turnbull also has some interesting reviews there too, so hopefully this will be the start of increasing levels of useful information for AT consumers and their families. And who knows, others may learn something too 😉