UPDATE: This site is currently not being updated while Lloyd continues to work for the National Disability Insurance Agency.
Welcome to Tech4Life

Tech4Life is a business built on over 20 years of professional experience in Australia and internationally. Tech4Life is based in south-eastern Queensland yet our business has no borders. To read more about our history, click here.

We are focused on empowering lives through technology

Our goal is innovative assistive technology (AT) solutions that enable independent living for those who would benefit from it, particularly people with disabilities and the elderly.

We Can Help You:

  • Evaluation

If you are wondering if the new AT you are considering or designing is up to scratch, we can provide an independent evaluation. This extends to reviewing service providers as well as delivery schemes. We answer the question ‘Does it deliver what it promises?’

  • Research

All of the team at Tech4Life have University based research experience. Our approach to research is collaborative, and connects to specialists in AT around the world. If you have questions that need a scientific study, get in touch and we’ll see the best way to get them answered.

  • Direct Consultation

We have broad experience in AT and accessible built environment and transport that can help answer particular questions for individuals and organisations. From preparing an assessment report in AT for the NDIS through to analysing a product that has failed, Tech4Life staff consult on a range of topics.

  • Policy and systems development

Lloyd Walker has led several major projects on policy for AT at national and state level. Policy development is strongly evidence based, and draws on some of the best lessons from around the world.

Perhaps you have questions that need answering? Maybe you are wondering whether assistive technologies may benefit you or your organisation?

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